Ollerton: the most boring place to live

Living in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire

New Ollerton = old biddy central and a load of manky *****. DO NOT come here, for your own sanity don’t even visit. Train station? you wished. Public transport, few and far between and doesn’t take you where you need to go when you need to get there. If you don’t drive you have virtually no hope of getting a job.

There are so many elderly here it’s shocking but anyone with any sense and young enough moved out into a more hospitable place. Ollerton it’s not the end of the earth but you sure can see it from here.
We have so many ***** it’s unbelievable. Up on Hallam or giro city there are so many teenage mums with too many baby daddies, and some of them it’s guess the daddy.

Graffiti everywhere and the local brats set fire to old furniture on the field. Needles everywhere. Satan might not live here but some of his mates sure do.

How grim is your Postcode?

Then all the school kids up at Pit Woods on weekend nights getting drunk, having *** and just generally causing havoc. If you value your life of the life of your children stay away.

The most exciting thing about Ollerton is … walking the dog, but when you do be careful where you walk, virtually no one picks up the dog mess. The police station is part time and the main employer is a warehouse with mainly agency staff, most of which are bused in from other places.

The main shopping street is full of takeaways, just what the town needs with a growing obesity problem. There are no shoe shops, clothes shops or anything useful. The Christmas lights are an embarrassment and that’s the highlight of the year.

Ollerton is like the centre of a wheel so small and hardly turning, if you want anything take one of the spokes and get to Worksop, Mansfield, Newark or Retford.

The best thing about Ollerton, is the road out of here.