Underwood… we have a school a church one shop and two pubs

Underwood…well what can I say..its a village situated just off junction 27 of the M1 you can’t miss us really. We have a school a church one shop and two pubs . Thats all we need ..oh and lots of fields and animals. It’s pretty boring really not much happens in underwood but everyone knows everyone elses business.

It isn’t any fun being a teenager in underwood not a lot to do so they tend to head to Selston or Eastwood the place beyond the boundaries of underwood ..For a little excitement or a trip to the supermarket for cider and ****.

We do have a wonky Christmas tree every year which seems to be the highlight for some and a scarecrow festival which causes amusement watching people trekking round the streets looking at paper mache creations whilst trampling over immaculate lawns , causing the residence of the house hold to tut loudly.

How grim is your Postcode?

There is a scabby area, well one street ..palmaston street which houses the shall we say …less posh community of the area …The great unwashed …people avoid that area mostly ….

Yawn….time for a pint at the pub..nothing else to do

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