Eakring: not the end of the earth but you sure can see it from there

There are so many elderly here it’s shocking but anyone with any sense and young enough moved out into a more hospitable place. If you cant drive then your career possibilities are pretty much doomed. it’s not the end of the earth but you sure can see it from there.

Now there is a ****** slaggy generation wearing the mainstream black trackie bottoms with the white stripes down the side; they like to hang around by the old post office – again that closed; leaving Eakring with just an old manky pub. Known for the cheap beer and a [allegedly] free cobweb in your glass.

There’s not much to do round there, the farmers have had their hassle with the rogues setting bales on fire. The grannies on the back lane get their strawberries stolen and sold by the main road. You’ve got the posh people who think they’re better than just about everyone, Then you’ve got the morons who have dogs and keep them in their gardens with no gates – If you have a dog that you walk, chances are it’s going to get attacked by someones dog running out of their garden.

Fair enough you have a couple of entrepreneurs there, a few places where old programmes were shot. But you’ve also got that group of people that will do anything not to work and to claim every benefit going but anything for a nice easy life in the countryside eh.

As for the roads if they’re not covered in pot holes then they’re covered in horse shat and the paths are covered with dog shat too. Guess some residents think their legs and back won’t bend to pick it up – Typical.

On the topics of shat, you can’t have one without being the talk of the village. If anybody accept the usual walks into the pub everyone turns round and stares. Not inviting in the slightest, the smell is bad enough but if you make it to the bar without turning round and running back out then enjoy a nice cool dusty pint – pretty much the delicacy.

If you need to go shopping the closest supermarket is Ollerton and that’s a whole new level of crappery. In fact feel free to search Ollerton on here, We have already had the displeasure of visiting the fast food frenzied town which would explain the rate of obesity there. We was surprised there was any food left on the shelf in Tesco!

If anyone that lives In Eakring is ever asked where they live, I’m sure the response would be ‘Where’s that?!’. Nobody need know where it is neither because its like a tumbleweed.

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