somerstown – in portsmouth

ok, portsmouth can boast at least 4 huge counsil estates leigh park, paulsgrove, somers town and gatcombe park. i have worked door to door in the first three and i have lived for a few month in leigh park. but i have to say somers town is the worst!

it is awful, and i know, going door to door you actually get to meet the people who live there…yay!!! 🙁

In leigh park you see people destroying eachother and themselves but they have green spaces and gardens, but somerstown is soul destroyingly awful. The smell alone in nausiating, i refused to enter some of the blocks out of human rights and a fear for my health. and yes it is made mostly of blocks of flats..people are not made to be forced to live that close together and particle theory prooves why there are so many fights and teen parents. the closer together you put particles (people) the more likley they are to collide and react!

How grim is your Postcode?

the people i have met who lived there or had to walk though there are either the nastiest/most stupid people you have ever met or they live in fear of walking outside.

portsmouth have a teen pregnancy rate that is probably one of the worst if not THE worst in the country(maybe even europe, we are the most densly populated city in europe). but no one will publish the statistics about how many of the teen persnts come from somerstown….i wonder why?

and our local football hooligans have a place called fratton park to congregate which is Krap Nottarf back wards….fitting.

(in portsmouths defence there are good places now sprouting up and its population are becoming more educated every year (the few that went to college are inclreasing), we had a protest against the war here and the tricorn is being pulled down as we speak…if you dont know what the tricorn is then type tricorn portsmouth uk into a search engine)

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