portsmouth – copnor/fratton

ok, this little nugget is so near somers town it hurts and it smells (but not quite as bad…more of off curry houses than the human waste somers town gives off)

me and my boyfriend were walking down my road talking about this site and 2 steps out the door i saw a michelle (big brother) look alike with her fat friend (why do they always have a fat friend). i turned the corner and a spoilered white car rasberried past speeding up suddenly at the site of me and the *********.

now in this town, its summer and i dont wear my alturnative blackness when its hot and therefore get mistaken for a **** because i have blond hair (WHY!) and i dont wear much makeup. i am thinking of taking up extra piercings and black eyeliner just to avoid getting “oooight daaaarlin'” shouted at me.

How grim is your Postcode?

then as i walked down the road several greasy little 15 year old ***** made a noise which sounded like speech but can only be described as “ooooooooooooooyyyyyyyygadddddrach” as the drove past in yet another souped up car with blue lights under neith in the daytime.

all wearing their greasy little collars up.

at this point my boyfriend said this area was a chavzone to itself and i had to share this experience

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