CheshireNorth West

what a place, what a disgrace!
apparently this place is an affluent cheshire town near to nice places like macclesfield and alderley edge. DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!!!!!!
It is basically a suberb of stoke on trent the biggest shite hole in the uk. There are about 4 council estates in this town however the ones to dodge are tin town and bug town which are nicknames for bromley farm estate and Buglawton i kid you not. I was in the town visiting a friend from uni and he took me out in the town to a s******e night club the sweaty box or raphs as everyone in the town knows it. And a group of about 3 buglawton thugs beat up a group of about ten tin towners up. to be fair to the buglawton lads they were outnumbered so they were very resourceful by using methods of broken newcastle brown bottles and big hefty ashtrays!! It was something from the wild west, i am myself from manchester however this s******e beats anything i have ever seen.

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