Living in Shipley, Yorkshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in North East, United Kingdom, Yorkshire

Shipley it’s a town that you’d like to forget visiting, it is full of pissheads, take the Sun pub for instance, what a s******e that place is, the food is no better than what my dog throws up, the last time I had a meal in there I had to go outside and chew grass to make mysely sick.

Looking across to Lloyds you can see chav mums coming out of that god forsaken den of eniquity dragging behind them their little chav offspring most of these little brutes are the future of tommorrow….God help Shipley.

Most of the chav culture I am told live in the Westroyd area of Shipley which is area likened to a nuclear holocaust, most of the older end who are chavs wear fake addidas gear combined with a piss stained Leeds FC shirt, the chav mums however are unmistakable big baggy trackies, a roll-up hanging out of the corner of the mouth and usually a couple of cans of Skol or a bottle of white lightening in the baby buggy.

I went into a shop up there with my mate one day and all you could smell was piss, shite and stale beer, and that was only the customers, we hurried out of there and went into this pub called the Dog & Gun and the first reaction was what the f**k is this we’ve walked into, it was like that bar out of star wars, the only person that wasn’t there was Chubacca. Some really weird drinkers in there, we had to go onto bottles of Bud just in case we needed a weapon later on. The chavs of Westroyd all have big families usually 6 or more kids it’s either because they love kids or they love the child benefit.

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