Living in Keighley, West Yorkshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in North East, Yorkshire

As you drive into Keighley, you can’t beat the views. The countryside surrounding it, is immense. There’s a beautiful old cinema, run by a great bunch of people and the stone buildings are delightful. However, having spent some time in Keighley and getting to know the town: it’s a shamefully segregated, sexist, racist and xenophobic place; with much of the town folk adding fuel to the melting pot by flying the flag outside their bedroom windows and demanding that we celebrate our ‘Englishness’ by all being the same. Forgetting perhaps, that England is an island, made up of different cultures and backgrounds.

It’s one of the most backward towns, I have ever encountered. Full of bitterness, spite, narrow-mindedness and jealousy of it’s thriving neighbouring towns and cities. It seems that the only activities to engage with is sleeping with each other and drinking alcohol to forget. Imagine how fun nights out are there?

Run by a bunch of Tory Toffs who don’t have a clue about the state of the town, Keighley is not a good example of what is great about Yorkshire. One wonders, what do those toffs spend their money on?

Keighley could do with an injection of integration and education, and a campaign to promote equality and diversity.

A night out in Keighley is an experience especially as an outsider, they can almost smell you’re different and don’t belong. Although you are more likely to be accepted depending on your skin colour and religion…

If you want to leave and you’re originally from there, you have to ask permission. Otherwise, the town folk fall out with you and make you feel bad for wanting a better life. If you manage to leave, you always go back….because you can’t really leave…it’s an unwritten town folk rule.

Competitiveness is a major theme and materialism is rife. It’s seems that the girls dream of marriage(-how very 1950’s) and the boys dream of their next lads night out. Lads, lads, lads…the only bit of loyalty that exists in Keighley is this false brotherhood that the men stick by each other….while trying to out do one another with their cars, wages and how many women they have pulled.

I have heard some amazingly racist views in the time I have spent in Keighley. Some are shockingly bad. There’s a clear ‘them’ and ‘us’ school of thought and sadly, it’s rife amongst the younger generation.

It’s such a sad, isolated town. I pray for the future of the town folk and their families.

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  • Rational Response

    Very good. I feel like you could easily have taken the name Keighley out and inserted any of the surrounding northern towns.

  • Shona Brunskill

    Quite frankly, if that’s what you took away from your time in our lovely town, then you’re not welcome. And please, learn how to use commas correctly and effectively, not only is your article full of drivel, but it’s made much harder to follow by the constant misuse of this lovely little piece of punctuation. Yours, a true Keighlian (who is kind, caring, thoughtful, and none of the things you listed. Who has lots of friends who are equally as nice.)

  • Gareth Smith

    Having grown up in a nearby village I am fully aware of the issues in keighley, however the writers attitude and writing off an entire town with it’s population makes them no better than the inhabitantants they sneeringly look down their nose at

  • Kay

    i feel u have spoken to all the inhabitants of keighley that are more centeral to the town. Alot are jobless and undereducated and with lack of jobs and industry it makes a bad situation worse. I was born and raised in this town. I have seen the good and the bad. I do wonder how many of its 70,000 residents you spoke to and at what times as most of the anti- racist, anti-sexist and normal decent folk that are not portrayed in your article may have been at work making an honest days living before returning home to their loved ones for an evening meal, a walk in the surrounding countryside or many other great things keighley has to offer. You mentioned nightlife and as there is only one active club in the town and its usually frequented by the underpaid or jobless then its not really a fair comparrison as most go out of town to enjoy a Friday or saturday night, but since we are portrayed as anti-social hermits you wouldnt seem to understand that that might be the case. I am very greatful that you will pray for the residents of keighley and their families and i will also pray for yours as your narrowmindedness is most likely to cause you both home and social problems in the future. Im not about to say that this town is perfect because it isn’t but your breif encounter has not enlightened you to the full diversity of this town.

  • Frankie

    Utter and complete bullshit! I mean… like probably 98% of this article
    is accurate….. the other 2% is probably categorised by outsiders as
    “punctuation”… whatever that meants! GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!