Loughborough – It’s a Total Nutjob

Living in Loughborough, Leicestershire
Living in Loughborough, Leicestershire

I live here. Think of a medium size town with two dozen barbers, too many international restaurants to count and over two dozen Pizza joints and takeaways. But only one Fish and Chips shop. And it’s so very Woke, dahling (oh teh noes! – Ed). Loads of “Charity” shops selling overpriced tatty old junk, and clothes shops selling silly attire you wouldn’t be seen dead in. Anyone for a daft straw boater? Welcome to Luffbra, “me duck”. How a ya – all riiight?

Imagine loads of morons on illegal electric scooters whizzing all over the streets and pavements, and no police to be seen. Picture scallies roaming the streets at night. Then imagine hordes of pampered students who all get lovely apartments, discounts in the shops and lots of time in the Pubs, while half the population lives on the breadline and struggles to find housing.

You’d say Loughborough was about the same as any other UK town nowadays, except it isn’t. Loughborough is just messed up and it’s gone far more overboard and crackers than most towns.

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