Leicester – What A God Awful Mess

Living in Leicester, East Midlands
Living in Leicester, East Midlands

Leicester seems to be proud of the obvious truth that it’s a mess. The great unwashed suffer while deluded fools still insist everything’s fine and dandy. Communities of various faiths and backgrounds have lived side by side for decades, and we’ve all watched Leicester turned in to a risible dump with rising crime and CSE in recent years.

Leicester newspapers are riddled with violent crime, gangs, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), domestic violence and abuse, hate crime, and human trafficking. How is that “great” ? “Nine Defendants have played a part in bringing into Leicester, lethal prohibited weapons and ammunition that goes with it” – in the Mercury, June 2017. Just one of Leicester’s many serious problems.

For those who’ve grown up here, not forgetting the older Leicester generation of all faiths and backgrounds (as taxpayers they all have a say): along with its poverty neighbour Loughborough- Leicester’s debt ridden tax robbing students are typically in clover, while the city is a patchwork ghetto and deprived ********, over-reliant on Education and with no identity, apart from “look at how inclusive and diverse we are”. Or “we’re the famous Richard III city”. “Business is booming”. Big deal; lots of people live in deprivation and they’re claiming benefits all over this county.

How grim is your Postcode?

Anti-social crime and violence are rated highly here; “the crime rate in Leicester is higher than average for the general Leicestershire area” (and it gets higher and worse the further North you go in Britain). The stats are out there for those bothering to look.

Look up Gov DoE reports for August 2017: Leicester and Loughborough are low skilled poor economies claiming high rates of benefits, still stuffing mollycoddled students with taxpayers’ cash and accommodation. The realities and stats aren’t complimentary: Leicester might be ‘lovely’ for the hard of thinking and to the dishonest, but deluded communitarian lunatics and national policy have patently run Leicester in to the ground, like every other city they’ve ruined in UK. They’ll keep denying the realities, of course, and that’s the saddest part of all this.

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