Hailsham… Town of the ‘wannabe’

Living in Hailsham, East Sussex
Living in Hailsham, East Sussex

Hailsham… Town of the ‘wannabe’! In the past the local youth aspired to be like the local traveller community. This came to an abrupt end when people from London whom could not cope with an influx of immigrants migrated here.

The people from London soon put an end to the ridiculous claims of ‘being hard’ that the [lovely traveller folk] adhered to the community. Being of very narrow minds and uneducated, they want to be related to the Kray’s in any way, shape or form. This, once again has evolved into most of the children wanting to be poor black children with rich American clothing.

Local areas near Hailsham are of no exception. Polegate, Eastbourne and Uckfield are very similar. The people here think they are exceptionally unfortunate and don’t know how lucky they are to have grown up in an area surrounded by trees, grass and clean air. The lack of guns, drugs and knives are a disappointment to the local community and they try ever so hard to pretend they grew up without privileges. Due to the close community spirit, it is considered rude to not of had at least 4 sexually transmitted infections and the females of this quiet town must of slept with at least 9 of the people her friends have slept with to be accepted by her chosen peer group.

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