Eastbourne… It has to be one of the worst towns in the UK

Eastbourne. It has to be one of the worst towns in the UK. It’s about the size of Brighton and Hove. You have North Eastbourne ; Hampden Park East and West , Old Town , Ratton & Willingdon Village , Upperton and Willingdon Trees. Then you have East Eastbourne ; Kingsmere,Langney North, Langney Village, Shinewater, Langney Point & St.Anthonys, Langney West and The Sovereign Harbour and then you have Eastbourne Town ; Lower Meads , Meads , Seaside and Eastbourne Town Centre.

We are going to start of with East Eastbourne, Langney Village. Langney Village sounds like a nice place … well it’s not. It’s where most of Eastbourne’s Criminal Activity is happening. Lets start with the Gangs , there is the ‘LBFL’ (Langney Boys For Life) which is centred round Pensford Drive (Langney Shopping centre Area). One of there members were put on a ASBO last year for Violence. They have been involved in three serious Assaults, burglary and other Illegal Acts. Another member had a gun put to his head but was brave to Disarm the mad man.

Then we have ‘The Langney Crewdem’ . This Gang is made up of youths ages ranging from 10-18. This Gang is centered around Langney Estate (just off of Langney Rise Road) This Gang is know to have access to Hunting Knives,Air Rifles,Gas Powered BB guns, Baseball bats, Knuckle Dusters and other Offensive Weapons. Two of there members have ASBO’s for violence, racism, public disorder and theft. The other month one of there members assaulted a 15 year old boy outside of Best One shops, they have also smashed windows and glass doors and have been caught with Weed. They Usually hang around in groups of 10 at the minimum and 25 at the maximum.

Then there is the ‘Langneyz Young Gunzz’ which are centered around Langney Estate and are joined with ‘Crewdem’ and are know to have access to Knives,Guns,Air Rifles,Knuckle Dusters,Baseball bats,BB guns and other offensive weapons. A few of the Members are Former London gang Members . The Leader , 16 year old Georgie M****** AKA ‘Gunner’ was involved in a Armed Robbery in Wandsworth 2 years ago and was also involved in other gang activity , many accounts of Assault. Now lets get of the subject of Langney Village gangs and talk about the Langney Estate. Langney Estate is pretty big and is where most of Eastbourne’s criminal activity happens. There are many crack dens, Drug houses , Run down flats , mistreated dirty dogs , single mums on drugs, drug dealers , armed youths , Vandals , Arsonists , Thieves and Criminally Insane Residents.

The main crimes round this Area are Anti Social Behaviour , Theft , Mugging , Car Theft and Assault. In the past year there has been 5 Murders , 15 Assaults , 2 Robberies , 5 Burglaries , 3 Arson Attacks , 200 Anti Social Behaviour offences , 10 Drug Dealers caught and a lot more criminal Offences. There has also been gun shots fired outside of best one shops and down the alleys of Ashgate Road and a few Armed Police Raids. Police are called to Langney Estate about 7 Times a Day minimum and 15 times Maximum , usually for public disorder and vandalism.

Now lets talk about Shinewater AKA CrimeWater AKA GrimeWater. This area is just full of Council Houses , and a lot of them are run down. Youths on Milfoil Drive are the main Problem and most of them belong to the notorious Shinewater gang … ‘The Shinewater Posse’. The other Eastbourne gangs that rival Against ‘The Shinewater Posse’ nickname them ‘The Shinewater *******’. This gang are known to have access to firearms and other offensive weapons and are know to have members that are Drug Dealers. Vandalism and crack houses are the main problems in Shinewater. There have been a few raids in Shinewater and most have been successful.

Then we have Kingsmere Estate. Not a Nice place but not as bad as Langney estate. It’s notorious for its Drug Raids in 2009. It’s quite run down and is full of *****,****** and Low Life ****.

Now we have Eastbourne Town Centre and Seaside Road. Has a major problem with Drunk and Disorderly Behaviour. Pevensey Road in Town is the most infamous road it Eastbourne. Its full of police cameras , undercover police cars and police because of the crime. Two murders in 2011 on this road and about 50 crackhouses. A NO-GO area at night.

I will update this soon with more Info.

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