Deal overrun with the fake designer label loving mutants

Living in Deal, Kent
Living in Deal, Kent

Deal is now overrun with the fake designer label loving mutants. They walk around in their ‘hunting packs’ finking dey is all dis and dat. What the f*ck they ramble on about is any normal persons guess. They hang around in Tides carpark, on their cheap nicked scooters and **** modded W reg Focus’ abusing anyone who walks past.

They are all clones who believe that they are actually original. Where did they spring from? Never has sterilisation looked so appealing. Some of the females (if that isn’t against trade description) are worse than the ‘men’. Big fat arses ******* out of size 8 three quarter length jeans.

They have to have the obligatory lower back tattoo with the lovely playboy bunny plastered over their ugly bodies.

How grim is your Postcode?

Big tin earrings, greased back hair with a ton of slap on their mutated little faces. I wonder if doctors are capable of saying ‘Mrs Smith……. theres been a complication with your birth…’s a ****. Im sorry. We do have options though’…….

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