Dover – Most neglected unloved town in the UK

Dover as we all know is the gateway to Europe, and most people that stop here for any reason are normally glad they can leave it behind very quickly, I mean C’mon if leaving the country and feeling safer in CALAIS of all places seem better – there’s something to be said about Dover!

The local council are constantly trying and failing to improve the area by using all the public money created by the nicer areas of the Dover District, stealing development cash created by selling off land and amenities and making others lives a misery in places like (Aylesham & Deal).

So back to the review, Dover is bypassed by two major trunk roads the A2 cuts through an area of outstanding natural beauty (the white cliffs) and is a complete blot on the landscape & the A20 dissects the town centre off from the beach and the harbour, this is no bad thing as the beaches are stony and full of pollution created by the ferries in and out of the harbour every 20 mins, the town centre is more of a who’s not there rather than who is as there are more empty shops than tenanted shops, this is more than likely going to get worse as they complete a monstrosity of a development along side the linking A20 dual carriageway, this will serve Dover’s ****** inhabitants their dose of Nando’s or lets them buy their son/daughters (after ********** with their sister) birthday card from Card Factory. It’s likely to wipe out the town centre, and drag all the ***** into one location.

I’ve failed up until now to mention how much the rest of Dover is better, IT’S NOT, It makes the Jungle in Calais look attractive, the reason that most of the council estates people don’t have cars isn’t the obvious it’s because they can’t afford to buy a new one every week each time theirs gets TWOCed or set alight.

It’s normal practice to see a mother & 5 kids walking along the road (they’ll be on their way to the local food bank) her eldest (probably 12 years old) will be 6 months pregnant and her youngest will in last weeks PJs still, you struggle to even open up line of communication unless you have a bag of smack and 20 benson in your hand!

All in all no-one wants to live here, but it’s the cheapest ******** in Kent, it’s unloved and unwanted which is why I believe the German Army should have done their jobs properly and levelled the place back in the 1940’s and maybe it wouldn’t look like the ******* of Quasimodo that it does now.

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