Ramsgate – the town of no hope

Ramsgate is one of those contradictions that sociologists may find fertile ground for their studies. On the face of it, it’s a pleasant town in a rather fortunate location on the coast of Kent. What’s more, it boasts some pretty impressive architecture and, if remote is your kind of thing, then it may be the finished article for some. That is, as long as the population is utterly ignored.

The Population

Ah, the population of Ramsgate. Let me sum it up by numbers; 70% underclass – forget the ‘fashion’, we’re talking mental underclass. Insular, small-minded, abjectly racist (openly, too), so far removed from any kind of mental stimulation to resemble the sort of fauna that festers, rather than thrives.

Hopeless in the way of careers and even self-satisfaction unless it involves binge drinking and sexual contact with strangers, usually passed around groups of ‘mates’, sometimes within the same family nucleus (due to a disgraceful lack of resources in the area – more on the local ‘ruling class’ shortly…).

20% decent

Only 20% are decent. However, this is entirely made up of 50+ on their way out and young bright things usually on the way to somewhere else to develop their talents, leaving the final 10%, who have been enriched through crime or dodgy ‘business’.

The Ruling Class

They’re not much better; career politicians with allegedly dirty backgrounds (Thanet Council would be put to shame by banana dictatorships) or corrupt local ‘tycoons’ swooning around in their brand new cars with cocaine-snorting underlings, offsprings and often spouses.

Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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