Worst places to live in South West

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  1. Living in Wells, Somerset

    Wells – Posh veneer, chav underbelly

  2. Living in Ilfracombe, Devon

    Ilfracombe – The Dump in North Devon

  3. Living in Combe Martin, North Devon

    Combe Martin: The zit on the arse of England

  4. Living in Bournemouth

    Bournemouth, quite possibly the biggest lie ever conceived.

  5. Living in Cinderford

    Cinderford: There is a tenth circle of hell

  6. Living in Newent, Gloucestershire

    Newent, a million shades of grey

  7. Living in Gloucester

    Gloucester – What a shame

  8. Living in Salisbury

    Salisbury… Dear God, what a boring, depressing dump!

  9. Living in Coleford, Gloucestershire

    Coleford: The anus of the Forest of Dean

  10. Living in Cheltenham

    Cheltenham, I would never go back even if you paid me

  11. Living in Combe Martin

    Combe Martin, has been called “Trumpton Vasey” by visitors

  12. Living in Yeovil

    Yeovil, Chavtopia ten years later- the final chavter