Braunton – Posh yet grimy


Braunton is a village that at first appearances, seems rather hip and cool. It has some nice pubs that cater to the middle class and also the working class… and that’s about all. You will find Braunton to be full and I mean full of 40-60 year old Karens and dodgy Daves from all social […]

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Ilfracombe: gluten intolerant middle class nightmare

Living in Ilfracombe, Devon

It’s about time we stopped knocking the working class and poor *****. The biggest problem I believe Ilfracombe has, is its whole generation of 16-24 year olds raised by middle class parents. They fill Ilfracombe’s restaurants and cafés, announcing every self diagnosed intolerance. Gluten intolerance or lactose, if it’s trendy to have… They have it. […]

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Braunton – Atlantis of *****

Living in Braunton, North Devon

Following on from someone else’s accurate review of Braunton, I thought I should add my own. Braunton is a small village located in one of the highest risk of flooding next to Atlantis. Which though they have finally bought better flood defences. It will do no good in another 5 years. The kids that live […]

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North Devon – Grockle Hell

North Devon - Grockle Hell

Grockles; good for North Devon business but terribly bad for the digestion and the nerves. October never comes soon enough. First, the boring stuff: North Devon, England, is mainly rural seaside, with its district council sitting (or lounging about) in Barnstaple. North Devon District towns and villages include Westward Ho!, Braunton, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, Instow, […]

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Braunton posh!? I don’t think so!

Living in Braunton, Devon

Braunton at first glance, would appear to be the nicest, friendliest village in Devon. However, after living here I can tell you it’s all bullshit! The middle class parents that own their own houses don’t seem to care about the entitled little ***** they’ve brought into this world, while letting them out all night to […]

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