Bath – Just Because It’s Posh, Doesn’t Mean It’s Pleasant

Living in Bath, Somerset

Bath – an historic town with two universities in southwestern England. Frequented by tourists and bustling with students, you’d imagine a charming city centre, and if you look at Google images, that’s what you’ll get.

But if you go to Bath, prepare to be dissapointed. Like a poorly-stocked M&S Food Hall near closing time, poshed-up decor and eye-watering prices won’t make up for what’s ultimately a pretentious dump. Upon arriving in the evening I met my local friends and headed into town, expecting a calm and classy night out. Wrong.

After finding Bath had two fundamental categories of pub:

How grim is your Postcode?
  1. Overpriced gastro venues filled with insufferable rahs
  2. Ch@v-filled boozers where if you don’t know at least 5 of the regular clientele you’ll probably leave with a punched face

We decided to just go home, but not before witnessing a good old fistfight outside a burrito restaurant.

Come daytime things aren’t much better, the whole town centre is a tourist trap full of overpriced coffee-shops and useless giftware outlets. Also there is quite literally nothing open after midnight, not even a single convenience store in the whole city.

Bath’s apt goodbye as we left was to be greeted by something straight out of the 1920s: a bridge with a bloke standing in the way, shaking a bucket. Apparently that passes for a tollbooth in Somerset. £1, cash only, to get out of Bath. A worthwhile price considering I spent the entire time actually missing Leicester.