Loughborough Junction or should that be Laughborough

As you turn the corner from a modern busy and energetic area of London named Brixton with great transport links to the rest of this glorious city, there is a place under a bridge called Loughborough junction, which is to say at the very least one of the most unglamorous and unsophisticated areas I’ve ever had the joy to reside in. Only Elephant & Castle giving it a run for its money as the most depressingly miserable areas of London.

Where to start. I’ve never seen a review before of this ‘luxury’ rural area since I moved in here in 2019. I assumed the residents either can’t be bothered or are too depressed to make a commentary, so I decided just to be totally honest and let rip. The first thing you notice as you stroll down the roads are recycling bins that are bursting with a delightful variety stinking non recycling products including a half decapitated dead rat that had made its way from our cul de sac into one of these ecologically friendly bins.
I’ve now given up worrying about whether or not to carefully select and separate my recycling waste from my general rubbish, as most bins in our area will be ticketed for misuse.

Second glorious point is if you dare to try and cut a corner when on your way to one of our glamorous local shops and past someone’s garden pathway, you are greeted by an extremely angry loud barking dog that sounds like it wants to eat you alive. On other occasions, it’s equally lovely welcoming friendly owner (who obviously is very bored from the lockdown) shouts at you from his bedroom window that he will attack if you dare walk past his luxury dump. I guess you can see that it’s not the most friendly of neighbourhoods.

Let’s not even get started on the crime that’s on coldharbour lane from stolen cars to random exploding fireworks as one innocently attempts to get from A to B. Then just when one hopes to get a decent night’s sleep after a busy day, then starts the nightly routine of loud police, ambulance, fire engine and helicopter sirens plus neighbour’s pneumatic drills played back to back continuously through the night. It’s easy to give up.

There are two nice elements to the area, as I don’t want to knock it completely assuming i may be stuck here for a few more years;

  1. the local secondary school with surprisingly well behaved children considering the terrible area they have to go through going & coming to their learning facilities
  2. the local agricultural allotment & farming area, which hosts some beautiful horses. Always a cheerful sight to see these magnificent creatures trotting along with the farm workers as one comes home

Some of the neighbours are pretty friendly, so I guess there is a bit of hope left but other than that, if you’re thinking of moving here, I would consider somewhere else as it’s almost equal to the highly depressing Elephant & castle & nearby Peckham.

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