Sidcup’s notorious Blackfen Road

This is about what it’s like to live in Sidcup with the notorious Blackfen Road outside. For starters if you have never had the chance to visit NASCAR in the USA with all the thrills and spills of drivers trying to **** themselves with no brakes for glory? then don’t waste your money going to USA. Just visit Blackfen Road on any given day. For the race motivated petrol heads, Fri-sat night 7pm till 4am here you can witness high speed chases normally with the police not far behind pursuing. Out of tune cars with extra loud popping noises coming from their exhaust pipes which wake most of the neighborhood up on any night.

They really need to sort what they drive it’s embarrassing, as well as being annoying beyond measure. In normal times the road is an emergency route cut through for police and other services which I get and thanks to those who don’t use sirens when passing by. However, it does mean no speed humps or gatso cameras, only signs are 30mph ones which illuminate when you pass over the speed limit which means they are on constant. Forget parking on the road, any spaces are taken up by selfish neighbours some which have no dropped curbs and who have lost over the time the power of speech, which I wish were true for the screaming kids that come out of Blackfen School.

Then there is the moron drunks who think it’s great to damage your car or do other damage like smashing into it and driving off. Then there is the hoodies, wannabee burglars trying to break in. Crossing Blackfen Road without due care and attention will without doubt cause death which the local governing body’s won’t do anything about to restrict speeds. Still want to live here?

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