Bexleyheath – a hive of villainy

Living in Bexleyheath, South London

So, I live in Bexleyheath. Growing up it used to be an okay town, it wasn’t too bad and there wasn’t enormous amounts of crime (not from my memory at least). I am now 20, and this area has completely changed. It is the hive of all villainy in the galaxy. Yobs, gangsters, roadmen and upstart 12 yr olds all linger around both Erith and Bexleyheath shopping centre. They serve no purpose whatsoever other than to antagonise anyone who looks and acts differently to them.

Also if you’re gay don’t come here. My boyfriend and I always receive homophobic slurs, dirty looks and nasty comments. Because apparently they haven’t seen two adult men hugging before??

Don’t even get me started on half the adults, they’re just as bad as the youth. They’re loud, uneducated, can’t spell, can’t pronounce a single word properly and all come pouring out of Pure or the Furz’ Wren every single night pissed as a fart.

How grim is your Postcode?

It’s a depressing place to live, there’s no beautiful architecture, nothing of historical value either. Erith and Bexleyheath used to be lovely Victorian towns, but for some reason idiotic politicians allowed for the demolition of it all and replaced it with ugly concrete ****! There’s absolutely no character here whatsoever, it’s a dull and depressing place to live. The council spend millions on new offices but can’t even fund decent schools, decent roads or decent buildings.

EVERY school in the area is bad, and I mean really bad [allegedly]. There’s little hope of a future for anyone here, and the houses are overpriced for an extremely unattractive area.

Unfortunately, this won’t change any time soon because as per usual the government refuse to acknowledge they are the cause of all this.