West Hendon – A greyer shade of grey

Hendon is a mostly ok place. It is one of the few places in London where there is still a butcher, a fishmonger and a greengrocer on the high street. There are also a couple of excellent bakeries that friends from outside the area insist on visiting when ever the pop by. It has a nice big park and the nearby Police training centre keeps crime low.

As you may note, I described Hendon as mostly OK, when you cross the Midland Mainline, you are in West Hendon, little is OK about this part of town. West Hendon’s most famous landmarks are the North Circular Road Flyover and the West Hendon Estate. Both serve as reminders of a time when ugly concrete was the architectural trend of the day, or perhaps harbingers of a hellish post Brexit future. Together with the M1, they serve to **** greenery, block sunlight and envelop the area a fug of grey.

Time passes slowly in West Hendon, it could be because the fumes from all the cars take oxygen from your brain, or because you are always stuck at a set of traffic lights. No matter how long you are stuck at the lights though, nothing will tempt you in to popping in to one of the many sub-KFC takeaways there. Unlike the rest of Hendon where people are well behaved, West Hendonites are not. Some toe rag once threw a firework at my car in West Hendon.