Manor House, London

It makes me feel sick how many ***** are walking around acting like they own the place here, they gravitate down from Harringay Green Lanes, Woodberry Down, AND Finsbury Park. Of course they all stay quiet but leave chewing gum on the floor, the trick is not to look vulnerable otherwise they target you very […]

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Finsbury Park

I live in north London now but hail from west yorkshire.It’s full of filthy **** **** round here. They walk around here acting like they ******* rule the world carrying knives and guns thinking they are in a gang from south central LA. These little ***** are all *****’s who need a gang with them […]

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Borough of Enfield

To be honest I really don’t know where to start. This borough is full of absolute idiots; i grew up a road off edmonton and from the age of around  16/17 realised it would always be an uphill struggle to reside here. Edmonton is essentially the ‘urban’ part of the borough,what ever that means. It consists […]

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Edmonton is a pool of towering council estates, rubbish, graffitti & crime

Living in Edmonton, North London

Edmonton sits on the north point of Tottenham in London and it is inhabited by some of the most seedy and dangerous characters that you will ever come across. The area is a pool of towering council estates, rubbish, graffitti and crime. The actual **** (burberry, trackies, hoopy earrings) count isn’t that high. This area […]

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Camden Town

Away from the bright hair and big piercings, Camden has a side to it that would put Guildford, Dagenham and any other of the dross-holes nationwide to shame (or is that pride?). Being Camden born and bred it shames me to say that my home town is a production line of hooped-earring/flat-brimmed baseball capped wallies […]

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Edmonton is caught between Enfield to the north and Tottenham to the south. Its trashier than enfield but was classier than Tottenham – note ‘was’. Edmonton is now full of eastern European *****, Serbians who wear Burberry. Of course you’ve also got the fake-jamaican gangster-rejects with their bling-bling and their sovereign rings – **** culture […]

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Caledonian Road, London

I have now moved away from London, and although i hate ***** and want to kick there heads in, i do miss watching their antics from my former flat. Cally Road or Scally road as it is also called, is the location for a huge council estate, and the strategically placed Pentonville Prison! Many a […]

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