Living in Castle Bromwich, Solihull
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Where do I start with Castle Bromwhich? Let’s start with smiths wood. Smiths Wood has quietened down quite a bit. There used to be a lot, i mean a lot, of gangs hanging around with their hoodies up thinking they are all it, even in the hot summer. I remember once a kid aged 10 or even 11 Shouting out to a chavy slag young lady “Gona give me best bj tonight” she laughed, like wtf?

Nowadays there always seem to be a odd Bike going around racing down the pavements and a kid with no socks riding a push bike going to cars making drug deals. The police used to come here all the time because of how many drug dealers there were (many years ago). The chavs here will say anything to anyone, just to cause trouble. I remember when these gangs used to hang around and all the college kids, as they see the gangs they go another way to get where they want to go, smiths wood was really shitty.

However, Kingshurst has got a lot worse over the years. The local Tesco shop got robbed number of times and guess what got stolen? Meat! maybe to sell and buy drugs with, there’s no security in Kingshurst like there isn’t in Solihull. There’s 20+ Year olds hanging around with 14 year old girls, there are new gangs mostly the youths, and smiths wood and Kingshurst has a huge problem with “chavs” rushing around with pit bikes on pavements, the police are useless they say they are doing something about it, yet i still hear a bike going around all day and all night.

The Police nowadays are freakin useless and youths have no respect for anyone these days.

Basically Castle Bromwhich, Kingshurst is a s******e to live in. you can’t even go out without people trying to cause trouble.

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