Wythenshawe, the new Didsbury?

Living in Wythenshawe

Wythenshawe is labeled as a sh*thole, which I can see why; It is full of ******** but it’s also full of honest hardworking people. However the majority of **** overwhelm the hard workers. I work in the city centre so I don’t need to go to civic as much anymore since I get all my shopping from town, when I do eventually go to civic it annoys me a lot! See when you visit there near enough everyday you get used to it but when you haven’t been there in over a month, you realise how bad it really is. Not the civic itself, more the people who are there and please don’t take this as a personal attack, thinking I’m targeting you because you visit there. Nope I’m talking about the sort of person who sits on their **** all day who can’t be arsed to get a real job. No, selling dodgy cigarettes that you got off the back of a truck isn’t a job.

I was on benefits for about a year while I was looking for work but both of parents have worked all their lives, so I think I’m entitled to it but the people who have never worked/looked for work, I don’t think should be entitled to it. Give them some food stamps, vouchers to get some clothes and maybe £20 a month to get pleasures hard working people have to actually get off their **** for. e.g. cigarettes, booze. Sorry if I’m rambling, back on track. Honestly Wythenshawe is not a bad place to live if you can get over the lowlifes, it’s one of the greenest parts of Manchester, civic centre’s getting so much nicer, it’s full of generally lovely people and the values of houses are sky rocketing up thanks to the tram service.

I’ve read of couple of articles on here about Wythenshawe and the majority are complete and utter rubbish. Yes, there is a lot of ***** here, but there are ***** everywhere, I went to Kendal the other week which a posh little town near the Lake District. Guess what? ***** there as well, I saw loads. Do people even still say the word ****? Apart from vengeful little rocker kids who are gutted they’re still getting bullied at 23 by 15 years olds, because they won’t grow up and cut their hair like a normal adult. To everyone saying Wythenshawe worst place in Manchester, I suggest going to Gorton or Cheetham Hill.

How grim is your Postcode?

Anyway thanks for listening to my rant, comment if you think I’m talking **** or if you agree with me.