Wythenshawe – Chernobyl 2.0

Living in Wythenshawe

Have you ever been to civic centre? Spare yourself the nightmare, a 2 eyed person has never been seen in these parts, the occasional failed celebrity visits around christmas, THE lowest point in anybody’s careers surely, i mean i’d rather just hang myself. Wythenshawe is a world or rudeness, jobless peasants who don’t have teeth […]

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Wythenshawe, the new Didsbury?

Living in Wythenshawe

Wythenshawe is labeled as a sh*thole, which I can see why; It is full of ******** but it’s also full of honest hardworking people. However the majority of **** overwhelm the hard workers. I work in the city centre so I don’t need to go to civic as much anymore since I get all my […]

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