Wythenshawe – Chernobyl 2.0

Living in Wythenshawe

Have you ever been to civic centre? Spare yourself the nightmare, a 2 eyed person has never been seen in these parts, the occasional failed celebrity visits around christmas, THE lowest point in anybody’s careers surely, i mean i’d rather just hang myself. Wythenshawe is a world or rudeness, jobless peasants who don’t have teeth to chew food and blame it on their offspring by punishing them to a toothless life and sausage rolls for all eternity. I worked there does that make me one of them? nah of course not, i enjoyed belittling the local degenerates, should’ve been my job title.

I feel sorry for anybody who works and goes to Civic needs must and all that, they should ban people without jobs to go shopping on weekdays, or atleast make sure people with jobs have some kind of fast pass like at alton towers, the ****** that maurade up and down civic stealing from asda to sell to CeX have nowhere to go except prison so they should have to wait in the sweaty smelly queue in CeX. behind the failed mothers who are selling portable DvD players to pay for cigarettes even though their gas an electric has ran out and the poor child hasn’t eaten in 2 days. such a shame the children don’t have a chance destined to become a even more successful **********.

It actually has some decent shops here to be honest, well catered for the masses of ball bags, moaning about paying 5p for a JD bag they’ll use for the rest of their lives until the black paint has come off and it looks like a dandruff encrusted version of it’s former self, sleeveless bubble coats to match.

How grim is your Postcode?

If you’re looking for a day out to visit some of the mutated, radioactive victims of ********** then it’s the place for you, make sure you bring a cattle prod to poke the specimen whilst visiting the enclosure.