Living in Blackpool
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Lancashire, North West

Ah Blackpool, what a nice place if you a scummy mummy and smoke weed all the time. The lovely sights of drunken people spread around town centre. And that tower what a sight of scaffolding covering a massive rusty metal pointless point. Don’t go to town after 6:30pm alone may end up dead.

If you ever have a sunny day while in Blackpool you can treat your girl to a horrible bag of chips and a un clean horse ride up and down prom. If that doesn’t float your boat you could always go to the piers. Don’t worry they always look like they about to fall down. If hear sexual noises under north pier it’s just the locals having naughty time, that is totally normal thing.

While in Blackpool all you smell is weed, McDonald’s, KFC and dried up piss! Don’t ever smile or look at a local you may get robbed. The massive trend in Blackpool is them weed leafs hoodies that say “addicted”. Blackpool great “family” holiday

  • Undercoverbitch

    I agree a woman can’t walk down the street in safety day or night you are likely to be kidnapped and locked up by sex trafficking pervs who trawl the bus stations for victims. There are more alcoholics and druggies and paedos per square foot than anywhere on earth paedos attracted to the drunken holiday makers who leave their kids unattended. I lived there and a month in I was housebound scared to go out being female don’t go there your untimely death won’t be accidental just look at the murder statistics for b&bs there!

  • Swilwolf

    Sadly this describe my town greatly.