Preston, Lancashire

Preston, Lancashire Property Guide
Preston, Lancashire Property Guide

I doubt anyone has even heard of Preston before. Its only recently become a city and might be known to others for celebrating the Preston Guild. Oh what a sweet little city to carry on its tradition. Yeah right. Underneath this so called Pride is a load of dirt. Despite being only thirteen years of age, I’ve seen the two sides that Preston has become. The first being a pleasant place where the elderly and good working class can live out a peaceful life and bring up their young with respect. People respect each other’s way of life no matter what skin colour or religion. They have schools that have good teachers who actually care about students.

On the other side it is much worse. We are a mixed community full of many religions and nationalities. I and many decent people don’t see anything wrong with this despite living on the bad side of town. But of course their are people who throw racist words at us just to impress their friends. Every time you walk outside, it’s like a zoo specializing in this so called “new” generation which I am sadly apart of. Both kids and teens walk around in grey track suit bottoms that hang half way down their legs; chanting disgusting slurs at innocent people just to amuse themselves. Harassing the old folk, even peoples pets. Some have been seen to **** the animals with fire works or with dogs that have been brought up to be vicious.

When neighbours have night parties, the guests would bring their children and let them run around unattended. I’ve seen a four year old child walk into the road and nearly get run over if the driver hadn’t noticed. Then the drunken mother would stumble out and scream at the child; dragging it roughly inside by its arm. Oh how low this place has become.

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The schools and its pupils I’d say are some of the worse. Unlike many other families, I was one of the few who managed to get into the good schools on the other side of town. The girls I have seen on the way to seem to be oblivious to how they look. Skirts that show of their bums, white and orange stripes of fake tan on their skin, and so much make up it could fill an Olympic swimming pool. And the way they act, words cannot describe.

Because of the things they do, I am affected as well. Many people older than me think I’m just one of the dross that lurks around the parks or street corners. I don’t blame them for feeling that way, many have had the misfortune to meet the dumb side of my generation. I cannot apologise for everything we have done, for I do not speak for everyone. But what I can say is to teach the corrupted about safe *** and protection. Because we don’t know the horrors they bring if they continue to spawn and lay eggs.

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