Llandudno: The Brown Town Of Welsh Resorts

Living in Llandudno, Wales
Living in Llandudno, Wales

Llandudno: The Brown Town Of Welsh Resorts

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Llandudno was once known as “The Queen of Welsh Resorts!” Now its glory years are far behind it, with it now taking over “The Brown Town” title from Colwyn Bay and Rhyl. From the closed down drug houses on the Orme to Homeless and Drug users living in its caves, it’s a delight!

Drugs and Homelessness

The caves have now had to be fixed with metal gates to stop the homeless living there, but they still put up tents anyway. The Orme is also full of drug needles and a regular cleanup reveals quite a haul every few months. The Gardens are a drug dealing haven, with the exacerbated police once stating that with so many entrances and exits to the park they were fighting a losing battle!

Also, drug paraphernalia and broken glass fills the playgrounds and football fields and dog walkers toss their full doggy bags in trees on the filthy beaches. Drug raids, robberies, and *** offences dwarf other surrounding towns despite Llandudnos small population. The town is a place where prisoners and *** offenders move to start a new life.

How grim is your Postcode?

Blocks of flats

OAP flats are crammed in anywhere where there was once a grand building, and zimmer frames fill the town with shuffling on pension day as they head to the post office in the Spar. As hotels fall into liquidation, they are quickly demolished for more Carbuncle blocks of flats and more biddies.

Not safe to walk the streets

At night the homeless people and drug users, as well as the night girls, walk the streets in gangs, and it is not a safe place to be for a normal person.
Police sirens fill the air on an almost hourly basis if not more. On top of this there are always a few murders to spice things up, and knife robberies or robberies at the local boots with a syringe full of blood being waves at a worker with the threat of infection if they do not hand over the goods.

Filthy Town

Shops lie empty and the streets and alleys are litter-strewn due to the council forced monthly bin collections, so residents just dump nappies and black bin bags anywhere there are no cameras! **** are a permanent fixture in the town!

Yes, Llandudno is a pure delight (not) and far from being a gem, it is a gem we need to keep hidden and definitely not a place to venture to after dark!

Dirty Doggers

Oh and let us not forget the dogging on the Orme and West shore, so you may well sight a number of people around a picnic table or in woodland not wearing their tracksuit bottoms! Be warned!

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