Living in Towyn, Wales
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Towyn, once part of North Wales popular north coast with its dunes, dreams and sunny holiday memories is now a nightmare on sh*t street. The dunes are now fortified boulders along the promenade, either to keep the hoards of chavs in their POW style static caravan camps in or the sea out.(presumably to stop it from wiping them all out in a biblical type event).

From arrival in this dysfunctional little town, the amount of ASBO happy families swaggering around is enough to wish you hadn’t bothered. Yes, its got a fun fair which is imprisoned over the railway bridge, arcades to watch your coins jam up the machines (so you can’t even have the brief joy of losing your money) and 70/80s style pubs for parents to get pissed in whilst the kids are entertained my Mr balloon.

Most shocking was to see a family arrive by car with their kids on the bonnet! (evidently happy to be back in the s**t). The only redeeming feature, apart from the town limits, is Robs chippy. Neighbouring Rhyl now looks like a demilitarised zone or an abandoned RND facility -thats even worse!

So think Towyn and say nah-f@@k that!

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