The dump that is Colwyn Bay

Living in Colwyn Bay, Wales
Living in Colwyn Bay, Wales

Please can I nominate the Dump that is Colwyn Bay. Where does one start?

Well the Travelodge in CB is used to accommodate the homeless so that gives you a very clear idea of the town it is. Sadly the council stopped caring about the town years ago. Pulling all of old hotels down and building flats, and in moved the benefit underclass, inluding the re settlement of prisoners and *** offenders from England. Just opposite the Travelodge in Colwyn Bay is a bail hostel, so something for everyone in the town. The once grand Eirias park is almost abandoned.
Boarded up shops, smashed windows greet the rare visitors.

The council have seen fit to add to its steep decline by building the Skip by the sea, aka Porth Eirias, a cheap tacky build that looks like a skip, stuck on once a beatiful beach at the same time the council ignore all attempts and are actively trying to demolish the listed pier, the council clearly know best!

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House prices are low because no one wants to live in Brown town as it’s known. Crime is high, as is the drugs culture. Drug dealers work from alleys behind the houses, usually on bikes, and change their routes so often, the police can’t keep up.

Residents are bitter at the cruel hand of fate that has been dealt, thus blogs about the town and nearby Llandudno exercise their bitterness about the towns and it’s people.

The council also built a concert venue, with hardly any parking causing people to drive in, park anywhere and then leave asap. The town was once more decedent than some parts of high class London, with people walking around in top hats and tails, now it’s joggin bottoms, **** attire and pyjamas in daytime.

Lines of people queue up in the post office on benefit pay day, and pound shops and charity shops are the must for residents.

The private school that’s based in the bay keeps selling off its land so it gives an idea where that’s heading, it’s a town that died years ago, nothing positive here, all very sad indeed.
photos from the park in town, filthy, just filthy

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