Rhyl is one of the most disgusting seaside resorts on Earth

Living in Rhyl, Wales
Living in Rhyl, Wales

Rhyl, also known as Manchester-on-Sea is one of the most disgusting seaside resorts on Earth. The numerous guesthouses on the seafront have all long been closed, and are now homes to homeless junkies and hiding murderers, leaving the area around them covered in used needles (which is why you should wear strong soles if you intend to get away without needing to have a test for HIV).

On the other side of the seafront, you can see ***** in action smashing up bus shelters, and mouthing off about ethnic minorities and English people (the latter presumably because ***** don’t share a common tongue with most English people-they don’t speak a language known to me).

Also in that area, you can see one of the few cinemas in Britain with no intention of showing Michael Moore’s Farenheit 9/11 because there aren’t any modified cars in it, and Vin Diesel doesn’t pretend to act in it, the empty cider bottles strewn out across the beach, and perhaps ***** on mopeds mounting the pavement and attempting to run people over if you came at night.

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Rhyl-you should have a police escort to go here.

Updated 2017:

I am adding to the above  ….  I’m from London,  I’v lived a number of places in UK,  always on a council Estate,  hence I’v seen the worst of the worse.  I’m currently on a caravan holiday in Rhyl and I’m deeply dissatisfied with EVERYTHING here,  which is nothing at all!  It’s as if time stopped here but not In a quaint way NO, nothing works, rides at fairground broke, arcades on our site and beyond should be in a museum, they are old and ****, the locals appear to think it’s great here but I have no idea why,  I had warning signs on the journey we were heading for trouble as the nearer we got the more chatty n stupid the people seemed.  I’m from the GHETTO,  I’m Street but this place isn’t rough it’s a dump and its deserted itself from moving with the times and is still stuck in 70s. I will NEVER come back again and the fact they even sell this as a holiday destination is an absolute liberty,  I’ve had better times going to the supermarket to do the weekly shop. Anything is better than Rhyl. Anything, it’s horrible, horrible, horrible.

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