Caernarfon: buy a tent before renting a flat in this godforsaken place

Living in Caernarfon, Wales
Living in Caernarfon, Wales

Caernarfon: buy a tent before renting a flat in this godforsaken place

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I was amazed when I searched for this town not to find anything.

Caernarfon is the lowest of the low when it comes to towns. My other posts include Bethesda and Bangor. I live in north Wales… and all these towns are in north Wales. Caernarfon beats them all. About ten minutes from Bangor there is a great hatred between the gangs of Bangor and the gangs of Caernarfon. Possibly the MOST warped slang you will ever hear is from Caernarfon. This place seriously needs writing about. An incredible warped dialect of “English” I suppose has “developed” there. I say developed, I mean the opposite. This is not development; I mean the language of the Stone Age was more articulate. There is no thought in the heads of these poor people. Only mindless patriotic discrimination. The common greeting from Caernarfon is:

“Iawn Gont”

this literally translates as:

“all right ****?”

Not only is this used as a greeting but will appear in almost every sentence. Every third of fourth word the poor mind of the Caernarfon ne’er-do-well will get so confused it will not be able to say anything except “gont”. When someone resorts to this “word” every sentence it is easy to see how Caernarfon can be such a mess. The “foulness” of their manner is only matched by the state of the town of Caernarfon. The inhabitants of the area proudly call themselves “Coffy’s”…. coffy for Caernarfon. Proud of their “Welsh heritage” they parade the streets looking for “English ****” as they like to say. It is easy to see why the place is in such a mess when u sees how it is run. When you pass through in the bus you will see at least 20 women all pushing at least one pram. I say woman I mean young ladies. It is common to see a young female teenager behind the wheels of a pram which the government has payed for. Along with most of the other things that these coffy’s live off.

These gangs roam the streets with nothing better to do than look for a fight with anyone who looks or behaves any different to themselves. But if they behave in the same way as them the only difference is that you’ll be greeted with the line: “iawn gont”. Iawn meaning all right in welsh. The welsh that is spoken here is not a beautiful Celtic language as Welsh once was but a strange twisted scouser / English / welsh mixture that isn’t nice. The language here is amusing but profoundly sickening after time. You cannot get from any grotty accommodation you might be living in to the bus stop without getting trouble or getting asked for a cig by some young girl that smells of cigarettes and booz. I once walked through with some friends and we had to call the police because this 30-year-old ish man had started following us trying to give us drugs of some description and then carried on by trying to fight with every guy there. The police collected him in a car after a lousy 10 minutes of putting up with this dribbling smelly addict. His possy of girls that were there too just giggled at his insecure macho show for the girls. How primitive. They found his alpha male behaviour quite amusing, but we didn’t. So the police finally came. The station was just round the corner and yet it took them those horrible ten minutes to come and arrest him. Not surprising knowing Caernarfon, I imagine they were delayed with another few calls.

My friend has had his window smashed several times. And he got attacked for wearing a bit of pink at the bottom of his trousers. This place truly is the worst of the worst. Small children as young as 8 cycle around spitting at anyone they see constantly with their hands down their pants. The insecurities in the gangs here are endless. They’re numbers seem to increase all the time, no surprise given the number of prams you see.

Caernarfon is built round the castle, which has stood there for hundreds of years. Caernarfon seems to have gotten worse since those primeval times. It would almost seem a good thing to take it back to the time when that castle was first built. There is nothing left now except the ruins of this building and the ruins of the society. The corruption spans beyond the edges of human comprehension. DON’T GO THERE


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