Huddersfield, not such a ‘brilliant’ place to live!

Welcome all readers. This is my article on Huddersfield. I will be explaining to you why Huddersfield is an absolute **** hole. Lets begin, shall we?

I’ve lived in Huddersfield for a long time. I grew up here, watching it disintegrate into nothing but a pile of sh*t. The town centre is far by the worst and the rest almost comes close. I admit, there are far worse places to live e.g: Bradford, Keighley and Grimsby. Huddersfield doesn’t fall far behind! Almost every single community in Huddersfield is either `unsafe` or `**** ********`. I’ve lived in a number of areas and I struggle to select which is the worst. I’d stick my guns on it being Almondbury though. The parks are full of ***** in their `cheap` Nike tracksuits. They parade round with a gang, ready to cause trouble. I once witnessed a `gang` of delinquents approach an old man and bully him to the point he cried in his car. If you’re not careful – your house could be robbed, defaced or targeted.

Huddersfield has a mixture of areas. I split them into 4 categories.

Fartown, Sheepridge, Dalton, Almondbury, Skelmanthorpe, Lowerhouses, Newsome, Lockwood, Crossland Moor, Fartown, Milnsbridge, Paddock, Moldgreen, Primerose Hill, Deighton, Parts of Bradley and Parts of Birkby.
The worst areas are crime ridden and full of *****. You’re most likely going to `die`.

High Mediocre:
Meltham, Scissett and Cowersley (Parts).
These parts are quite rough, but have some good parts. They are just about survivable.

Lepton, Golcar, Slaithwaite, Linthwaite, Marsden, Holmfirth, Scholes, Thongsbridge, Marsh, Lindley, Kirkheaton, Shelley, Honley and Berry Brow.
These areas are survivable; ***** can sometimes roam around and cause bother.

Denby Dale, Shepley, Taylor Hill, Salendine Nook, Cumberworth (All), Kirkburton, High Burton, Fenay Bridge, Armitage Bridge, South Crossland, Netherton, Denby, Farnly Tyas, Brockholes, Jackson Bridge, Pole Moor, Outlane, Longwood (Most), Mount, Ainley Top and Scammonden (A bit isolated).
These areas are still pestered by ***** and can have a fair bit of crime.

Not all of Huddersfield is bad, just 70% of it. To conclude my review – I strongly advise you stay well away from all areas but the nice ones. I’d still urge you to try elsewhere.

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