Cleckhuddersfax, where to start…

Living in Cleckhuddersfax

This not one town but an accretion of conurb that has malignantly grown on the **** of West Yorkshire. The name is slang in Leeds/Bradford and is not used lightly.

It incorporates a triangular(ish) area from Halifax, Cleckheaton, Dewsbury and of course Huddersfield. As with the rest of the UK it has become a festering nest of unemployment, crime and drugs with little to no opportunities for advancement in any direction other than down.

It is the culture of low expectations, fear and a siege mentality that prevents people from either trying to leave or to educate themselves enough to get out and as cutbacks are made in all public sector areas such as education all the hard work done by the visionaries of the past to raise the standard of living for all the poor people of West Yorkshire, is sadly undone.. whole areas are given over to mobs of youths, high on drugs and uncontrollable, allowed to terrorise others and do as they please, whole communities are losing any sense of cohesion and identity as services are removed and nothing is put in their stead.

How grim is your Postcode?

As far as crime goes it’s managed by remote control with cameras spying on everyone and police only seen in force in ****** squads going to grab someone.  Not a particularly pro social method of policing at all and prison is not a deterrent, it’s a ******* lifestyle choice where all  decisions are made for you and your guaranteed food and lodging at the taxpayer expense, where the state becomes the parent because most of them had parent/s that were stupid and kids themselves who did not give a **** about the ******** they begat.

To make matters worse the whole area is overridden with 3rd generation immigrants that have no real cultural identity and a  chip on their shoulders about the UK,  leaching resources from the already stretched educational system because children need interpreters to learn,  even though most were born in the UK they do not learn to speak English because their families are happy enough to receive benefits but refuse to integrate into our culture, looking at where they live I do not blame them.

So the low aspirations, cash converters, dole office, track suit wearing, teenage pregnancy, drugs, crime, smoking, cheating and violence is merely a way of surviving for people who have no alternative to the poverty cycle in which they are trapped.. These people are interchangeable with any other ****** estate in the UK and would feel right at home as long as they can claim’t social

Am I slagging this place? damn right I am… It’s a drain on our resources and a waste of investment the only thing the low lifes here seem good at is procreation, knocking out more 1/4 witted kids with no thought to their futures or life chances… some form of birth control in the water should do the job….I would have it bulldozed and left barren..

The only positive thing about the whole area is that has a motorway which bypasses it, so given the choice avoid this area like the plague… you may catch it.