Living in Aylesham, Kent
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Aylesham, known as the Sunshine Corner is a village of Anti-Conservatives and racists. Recently has gone through a delightful upgrade to the anger of the local residents, who don’t like “new bas*ards” in the village. The recent refurbishment of the village has panicked the residence as they do not like change, the village have voted Labour since Maggie Thatcher shut the mines to the great upset of the local chavs.

The highlight of the village would have to be the local pub “The Ratling Working Mens Club” otherwise known as “The Rats Nest” is another splendour. [Allegedly] Filled with dirty old men with sh*t stained pants and stink of BO. Another addition to the beauty are the local chavs, who knock on each others doors and shout at each other from down the street. “You commin ouh” is a common phrase between between the local chavs ageing from around 5-15. The vocabulary the locals use is beyond their time. The word jitty actually subs for “Alleyway”

Another famous past time for the chavs is singing songs from there favourite musical artists. “stormzy” is a popular artist. Watching the chavvy white kids trying to sing songs of a black man is a highlight that really makes Aylesham shine.

Another scene that is interesting to see is the local health centre at around 8 am. Seeing the benefit fraudsters in the morning waiting to see the doctor because of their crippling back pain is a great sight. Just across from the health centre is the local “caf” where fat old women sit outside on their mobility scooters shouting at all the local children, chavs and non chavs.

In summary, it may be a sh*thole but its a lot better than surrounding miners villages such as Snowdown, Elvington and Eythorne where inbreeding is common and the chavs do not have the brain capacity to put sentences together.

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