Thinking about moving to New Ash Green – DON’T!!

Living in New Ash Green, Kent

Anyone thinking about moving to New Ash Green – DON’T!! Unless you want your kids ending up on the dole, snorting coke for a living. I have lived here in NAG my entire life and can’t wait to get out. Every single one of my mates from school has ended up a little cokehead, and i have given up on them. Let them snort themselves into oblivion. If you want to ge into this i suggest you go the [pub name removed for legal reasons] – that seems to be the place that most drug dealers hang around – the landlords seem to look the other way.

The thing is theres nothing to do for us except hang about and cause trouble. In my day it was throwing water balloons and a bit of graffiti, but now these kids will stab you if you look at them the wrong way – on new years eve 2006 there was a stabbing in the shopping centre. Yet we aint got a police office – there’s just some mugs called community support oficers or something, that pretend they’re doing good, but really there’s no point. i can’t wait to move out of this hellhole. it used to be a nice place to live, but the ****** ***** and ***** are making it unliveable.

While the above coment may seem a little extreme it’s not far from the truth! I lived there for several years and saw the area decline considerably. The shopping center is a disgrace and The [person we can name for legal reasons] seems to do little to improve the situation. As the previous reviewer states, the area at night is filled with aimless youth, bored and looking for trouble. The Residents associations and the Village Association is run by half-wits who try to enforce the tenants agreements but fail.

How grim is your Postcode?

After a cable TV company pulled out leaving the area with no TV, they still tried to enforce the “No TV or Satelite dish” rule. How the hell were we supposed to watch TV? Another rule states that you can’t hang washing out on a Sunday and another states you can’t choose the colour or style of your front door. Important rules like not putting rubbish out the day before collection is ignored, it being too difficult for them to enforce for fear of being battered!

Lord knows what they spend the fees you have to pay on. There are holes in the car parks and surrounding roads, greenlands and trees not managed properly and each annual report shows £1000’s of pounds on “reserve” in the bank account. Why they don’t use the funds for maintenance instead of keeping it for a rainy day I don’t know. If you are thinking of moving into New Ash Green DON’T. You will not see the value of your property rise and you will be plagued by ****’s and useless management committees, populated buy petty little people who feel they have power, but lack common sense.