Sacriston known as ‘Segga’ by the locals or ‘Smakriston’

Sacriston known by ‘Segga’ by locals or ‘Smakriston’ is one of the worst places in the county. As mentioned in many other articles within the area Sacriston is also full of *****.

Sacriston is home to far too many takeaways and as you go down the front street it’s all you can see, scruffy takeaways that actually impress the locals. Despite once gracing Sir Bobby Robson it now is home to hundreds of teens who love going on the ‘sesh’ to the 4 walls (memories). Sacriston has a crossroads in the village that has 4 ways to exit the village which is the best option to do.

At the top of the village you have the top estate which is home to the ‘bull ring” a street that could definitely feature in benefits Britain home to raging men and drug dealers. At the bottom of the village is the you have the ‘Bottom/Pit Estate’ home to the old Sacriston Colliery. It now houses dozens of ***** and the police regularly visit this estate due to the amount of Anti Social Behaviour that occurs on the streets.

When walking down Sacriston front street you will be guaranteed to be asked to ‘gan in the shop’ for a bunch of 13 year olds.

Despise it’s many flaws Sacriston is home to a cricket club which is pretty successful and two football teams that also play at the welfare. However when there isn’t a match on at the welfare expect to go down and be greeted by young men running around showing their ribs pretending to be Defoe or Shearer when in reality they are that high on some substance they’re playing without a ball.

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