Brandon / Meadowfield, you will know that it is truly sh*t!

If you live in Brandon, you will know that it is truly ****! At the terminal, is where you will be the most popular you have ever been. If you are over the age of 18 you will definitely be asked to go into the shop for someone, for a bottle of Frosty Jacks, or a litre of Strongbow, or even a box of ten players tabs.

However in Meadowfield you can’t go anywhere without being hit by a car, or almost hitting someone else. There is always someone crossing the main road at the wrong time. Or a cat stops in the middle of the road for a ****.

Being outside at night is not safe unless you are, “f*ckin mint”. If you see an 11 year old walking around the streets who looks absolutely off it. They probably are. Stay away, children of the streets are dangerous.
It is also advisable to avoid the lines at night with no light sources, alone. You are likely to get shanked.

If you are planning to move on the front street of Meadowfield, invest in some sleeping masks, or you won’t get any sleep, from the constant ambulances/police cars/ firetrucks. The old drunks will shout on outside your house until they pass out, and the little ***** walking the streets past midnight, are probably going to steal your dog.

And with that said only enter if you are brave.

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