Ferryhill: full of jobless drugged up muppets

Living in Ferryhill, County Durham

Ferryhill is full of jobless drugged up muppets, who like nothing better than getting stoned, high, drunk or all three and fighting because they’ve got nothing else better to do.

Ferryhill is full of fast food places and also has a GREGGS. Parents pick their kids up from school at 3:15pm still in their pyjamas.

What was once a respectable area, is now a war zone. The once proud Friday market is now what can only be described as a car boot/table top sale, where the ***** brag at being on drink 7 days a week, while smoking cheap tabs n joints. All because they claim to know how to **** the system and get more on the dole than working, so what is the point

How grim is your Postcode?

The amount of rubbish lying around the streets, old sofas, tv’s etc, makes lovely playing areas for kids who all tell you to “**** off or I will **** you” or **** you up, it ain’t the safest place to be. Boy racers think it is great to speed through the village (if you can call it that) and show off to the adoring trolls or young traveller girls (they now live in houses).

I feel sorry for the poor decent folk of this once proud pit village, that it has been reduced to a holding pen for The Jeremy Kyle Show and some of the delightful ***** who play out their 15 minutes of fame on Channel5’s POLICE INTERCEPTORS.