Ushaw Moor used to be a nice place…

Ushaw Moor used to be a nice place… When the youthful generation were under the age of 10. But now, they are at the age of about 15/16, and they are RUTHLESS!! They love to fight and will do so if you even look at them wrong.

If you want to have a nice time with your child under the age of 6, Ushaw Moor Park is the place for you. NOT!! You will be exposing your child to violence, and words they shouldn’t know. You could always take them to “The cage” though. Although they will probably be hit in the face with a football.

If you need some milk, you should probably go to the co op, it might even stay in date for a couple of days. If you go along about 3 shops, you will be asked by the one teenager of a group that built the courage up to ask you to go in the shop for them.

In Ushaw Moor there is one very special group known as, Ushaw Massive (Shout out) From what I know, they will be nice to you if you lick up their arses, smoke, do drugs, have a car, or look nice. These people are usually referred to as *****. If you go in the shop for their tabs or drinks, they will usually look out for you.

If you are planning on sending your child to the local school, (Newly being turned into an academy) then just don’t. It looks like a prison from the outside with green metal fences surrounding the perimeter. Inside of it, it is allegedly full of bullying, and riddled with head lice… and full of snakes.

Ushaw Moor is home to, Druggies, Drug Dealers, Pyromaniacs, and 10 tab houses, and multiple *** offenders.  If you are under the age of 15 you probably have a good chance of pulling a 18+ year old.  If you aren’t on the good side of most people, avoid “The lines” after dark, this is a hot spot for being jumped / murdered.

So from radgie adults to drugged up children, Ushaw Moor is definitely NOT the place to be.

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