Living in Bootle
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I think it is fair to say that nearly all of Merseyside is one colossal sh*thole. For those on the Wirral and in Southport who dispute this, they should remember that, if it wasn’t for the City of Liverpool, where 95% of their populations work, they would be sh*tholes of poverty, sink estates and desperation.

But Bootle, a “town”, four miles North of Liverpool City Centre is undoubtedly the worst place there. It is a place, like the rest of Merseyside, full of criminals (most of Bootle’s male population have seen the inside of HMP Walton) paedophiles, druggies, alcys, loud-mouthed, two-faced gobshites who think they’re hard, fat sluts with kids by different fathers, chavs, self-pity merchants – it is truly a dump.

Apparently, it was the most bombed place in England during the Second World War outside London. The Luftwaffe didn’t do a good enough job, in my honest opinion.

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