Birkenhead: full of losers and utterly ruthless backstabbers

Living in Birkenhead, Wirral

I have mixed feelings on both this topic, the places named and the responses given to the top 10 worst places to live.

To be honest, I actually moved away from the Liverpool area, incidentally, Birkenhead is where I’m from. They call us plastic scousers up there because we have the accent but we don’t actually live in the Liverpool district. It’s over the river on a spot called the Wirral but still from there less than 10 mins on the train to the city centre.

I moved away because Merseyside, in general, is full of no marks and the very few people there who just want to get on with their daily lives in peace are brought down by these losers or the utterly ruthless backstabbers because pretty much everyone in Liverpool and Birkenhead has a chip on their shoulder and it’s a very tough environment to live in.

How grim is your Postcode?

Nobody has much sympathy or empathy for anybody else and they seem to take the utmost in pleasure in anyone else’s misfortune… and this is coming from a guy who’s dad does that very thing despite the fact that he didn’t stick around when I was a child and after I got kicked out by my step dad from my mums home, he could have helped, but he didn’t, and he has the cheek to laugh at me now when I struggle in life. And that’s the type of people Liverpool people are, mostly.

I on the other hand, didn’t fit in. I had general empathy for people who ever had any bad experiences but I was sick of not getting any back so thats why I moved, as well as the fact that Birkenhead and Liverpool (but more so Birkenhead) are full of hard faced people (especially the women), gangs of *****, violence, drugs, thieves, alcoholics and teenage pregnancy. Yeah, lovely place right? I’ve even had 4 bicycles stolen in 5 years and all were locked up. There has got to be someone or some gang who are going out looking for bikes to steal and they have some kind of tool to break these locks. The last one I had was locked up with a big padlock outside the library while I was looking for jobs and the ******** sliced through the padlock somehow and I came back to a chain on the floor and my padlock shackle in clean pieces. This looked like a professional job. Liverpool has skilled thieves, I say that with experience!

I did wonder why at least Liverpool didn’t show up here in this list, but Birkenhead…not on the list? Jeez man! Are you kidding me? What an utter lack of anything good Birkenhead is…no work, no money, the council are ruthless, so many calls for bailiffs, police everywhere you go (and yes that is a bad thing because they give troublesome of the momentum because being Liverpool people themselves, throw their authoritative weight heavily on people which bring more anger upon an already hostile society). Birkenhead has a close knit community of people and everybody knows each other but that isn’t necessarily a good thing, believe me. Rumours about people circulate and it causes trouble in and around the town. I’ve seen it and even been a part of it on occasions and it isn’t nice. There is constant fighting on a Friday and Saturday night, not to mention the assaults that constantly take place in the food shops over a girl or someone queue jumping. I’ve been assaulted myself, but that was simply because i was a little drunk and they took pleasure out of hitting me while I was impaired.

Finally, although I am glad to put Merseyside behind me, I do actually think the whole country has become a generally negative place to be and for me, it doesn’t matter where in this country I am anymore, I am not happy in general because of the leaders who run it. Many people pick out areas of the country and blame the people who live there…  well I say blame government. It’s not the people who have done this. They are just unfortunate pawns of the bigger picture. The whole country is in a right state. Personally, I’m planning on moving away anyway.

By: Lee G

Grammar fixed by Not Lee G (Jesus Christ, Birkenhead education ay? I’m from New Brighton myself).

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The council isn’t ruthless, it’s ****… To all of us in the Wirral, not just Birkenhead.

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