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This little sh**hole in the middle of the New Forest is stuck in the middle of no where between the chav capital of Totton, and the posh man’s village Lyndhurst. The village is home to many chavs of the local Hounsdown School, many of which you can see walking around the village with their hoods up smoking a joint. Hanging round the corner shop at the end of New Inn Road is their favourite place, sitting on their bikes and giving a death stare as you walk by is their favourite passtime, as well in the woods behind Chinham Road, where they discuss their drug habits and do some dealing. A chav caravan estate is located just off Bourne Lane and full of council estate inbred teenagers who got pregnant at 16 years old when they banged in the local woods – classy.

The local post office and ‘Fourways Store’ is the centre of the village community, being a meeting place for the Hounsdown chavs, it’s not a site to be missed if near by. The shop’s owner is a pretty tough guy, after battling a local chav and pulling a knife out the inbred’s hand, he held the man in a headlock on the counter till the local PoPo arrived.

If you love christmas then Bartley is the place to go. Many locals get pissed off when numerous houses along Chinham Road put up their Christmas Lights over a month early, lighting up the streets so no one can get to sleep at night. Each year the envy between houses increases and more and more lights appear each year. The best houses are said to be the one next to the local chav meeting point of the post office, and the other end of Chinham Road where the lights aren’t even decorated in an orderly pattern, it seems they are just thrown wherever as the people of Bartley do not give any fucks.

If you’re lucky you may see the local gypsies waiting at the bus stop opposite Shepherds Road, waiting for their bus to the local chav town Totton for their weekly visit to the 99p store.

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