Aldershot is not all bad, in fact, it’s quite good!

After reading many different posts about Aldershot and just how bad it supposedly is, I felt compelled to wright some thing of my own experience. After doing some research like most people I found that Aldershot has good links to both London and Reading. Some thing that is becoming more and more desirable as London is brought up by the rest of the world. This got me looking at the area for somewhere to buy. I had looked online and seen a lot of bad things said about Aldershot ” there’s loads of ***** , it’s so violent ” and so on.

I had my reservations when I went to look at the house. So before I went I did what any one would / should do and had a look around the town. So ok yes the town center is not the best in the world however it has every thing you would need , and if you need some thing else then as mentioned before the links are very good. I did however find an Italian ice cream shop where I had an amazing milkshake and waffles ( it’s not all BK and KFC ) There is also now a new cinema complex with around 10 places to eat and is fine for night out of films and eating. I guess it depends where you go for your nights out but so far I have not uncounted any thing like what some people seem to think goes on. I believe this is because most of these places have been closed down now and they are working to make it a better place.

As for the people all this talk of ***** ect , I have lived in a lot of places and Aldershot is no worse than any of them. In fact I would go as far as to say I have not even seen these people. the people I see are just normal people going about their day. There is a high number of Nepalese people that live in Aldershot , but they are all ways very respectful and most importantly most of them are there as a result of there family’s fighting for us in the war.

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So overall I feel that a lot of this stuff that is said about Aldershot is very outdated , and in fact it is a place that although needs a bit of work has come a very long way in a short amount of time. This is also good for house prices. They where cheep but they wont be for long I got my house 1 year ago and it’s gone up by 30k. Now that can’t be bad can it ?

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