Living in or moving to Saltash, Cornwall
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Saltash, on the face of it appears to be a middle class, family orientated town which welcomes visitors with open arms…

But, behind the smoke lies a cruel, jealous, vindictive town, that can strip the few decent residents bare in seconds, should they ever show any level of decency in public.

The shop owners reflect the face of the many residents by outwardly being rude, obnoxious, duplicitous, unwelcoming and that is on a good day.
The pubs are dead, there is no social life, but then again with the town folk all hating each other why would they want to socialise…

This is a family trait that has been passed down to the current younger generation. One secondary school to accommodate the whole town, where all the kids hate each other as much as the adults do.

This is a two faced town, where one face is ugly and the other is rotten.
Over the years many people have tried to improve the town only to be run out of the town across the big iron thing leading into Devon.

The town has much going for it…it’s called the Tamar Bridge, which leads back into civilization.

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