Living in or moving to Saltash, Cornwall
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Cornwall, South West, United Kingdom

Saltash, on the face of it appears to be a middle class, family orientated town which welcomes visitors with open arms…

But, behind the smoke lies a cruel, jealous, vindictive town, that can strip the few decent residents bare in seconds, should they ever show any level of decency in public.

The shop owners reflect the face of the many residents by outwardly being rude, obnoxious, duplicitous, unwelcoming and that is on a good day.
The pubs are dead, there is no social life, but then again with the town folk all hating each other why would they want to socialise…

This is a family trait that has been passed down to the current younger generation. One secondary school to accommodate the whole town, where all the kids hate each other as much as the adults do.

This is a two faced town, where one face is ugly and the other is rotten.
Over the years many people have tried to improve the town only to be run out of the town across the big iron thing leading into Devon.

The town has much going for it…it’s called the Tamar Bridge, which leads back into civilization.

  • james rhodes

    Bloody greckos I shop in Saltash quite a lot. The only time I’ve know any trouble is when people if that’s what you can call them from Plymouth come over. Rude as hell and drop litter all over the place and that’s just the kids. At least I can walk my dog any time of day or night and not have to worry about my dog getting attacked or getting mugged stabbed etc. I am glad don’t live in Plymouth.

  • Hazel Bishop

    Being born and bred in Saltash, I would agree whole heartedly that Saltash has gone to shite.

    I escaped as young as possible, I still remember being 15 walking home from school and stopped by 5 older teens in a car telling me to get my faggot ass out of Saltash or they will fire bomb my mothers house.

    Going back to the 90s Saltash was still salvageable then, we had a community spirit then, with the 3-day may fairs, the relentless charity events, the christmas concerts. back then it was a pleasure to get involved – just like Jugos next to Kenny Kuet’s Chippy. or playing with the Amstrad’s in the back of K2. it appears all this has gone.

    I am glad I escaped and although come back to visit, would never want to come back and stay permamently. Saltash has no decent pasty shops. there I said it. the really good one in Hatt has now closed.

    R.I.P. Saltash you have slowly turned into a estate of Plymouth, with all the problems that entails.

  • Scrabber

    Hahaha, someone not feeling appreciated so they go for a strop on the internet. This says less about the town and more about you. In the politest of old cornish traditions I invite you to “Go f**k thyself” 🙂

  • Phoenix

    Im glad you had the time to put down child number 4 and pick up your 2nd hand ipad 2 you bought from wants.
    You sound very bitter im guessing you were shunned by your friends for sleeping with their partners?
    Or your oldest children (Tyson & Easy E) were stealing from cars in your housing association estate?
    Anyway please feel free to stay in Barne barton as you and your tribe of unwashed kids just stunk the place up anyway! Love Saltash

    • james rhodes

      Here here I agree with all you have written.