Looe: Tourists are the only thing going for this town

Having lived in Looe now for 5 years, and moving back to Cornwall as a one time refugee of the depressing hinterland of West Cornwall, I find my feet planted in Looe, what a place. There is a facebook page called Looe Moaners. It is mainly populated by local xenophobes who complain about tourists, dog ****, tourists, the price of food, tourists, seagulls, parking, tourists, traffic, tourists, people who are not local even though they live there and have done so for years and yes tourists. Then there is the facebook **** licking page whose subscribers can’t see past rose tinted specs and anything controversial or damning is blocked.

Tourists are the only thing going for this town. It has a burgeoning expensive over priced property market of **** jerry built houses, a domineering Looe Harbour Commissioners who should be called the Looe Parking Commissioners, a Town Council Club where you have to put up with [alleged] bullying if your face doesn’t fit or you suggest something which might improve the town and charitable trusts who own a big wodge of key property, but mainly it’s the faux cockney locals, mostly bloated tastelessly dressed local ***** who make you count your jewellery after shaking hands, bunch of crooks and criminals all hiding out in Looe, waiting for a chance to rob you blind.

Then there is the community spirit, bunch of self serving ego trippers who rescued the ****** 80’s Looe Music Festival after the charity [allegedly] went bust over stretching themselves with transatlantic artists no one had ever heard of and paying salaries which didn’t bear any resemblance to effort.

Looe’s population swells to twice its size during any warm weather and it becomes a sea of pink tourist flesh, they are the life blood of the town, they are disrespected on a mammoth scale, over charged for food and drink from bars and eating establishments (hard to call them restaurants), who have staff with few interpersonal skills and management with little experience in the hospitality industry. What they did have is long forgotten in lieu of counting their ill gotten gains from ripping off tourists.

Looe is a place of two halves, one **** and one sh*tty, live there and not be conceived there, born and had 5 generations of fishermen in your ancestors at your peril. Be a tourist but be prepared to be hated. It’s unique in Cornwall as a town with a bitter attitude, jealousy and an inward looking population not found anywhere else.

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