Looe and the whole of frigging Cornwall is a ****** hole

Maybe it’s me remembering a peaceful place for family holidays when I was a kid in the ’70s, maybe it’s because my ancestry goes back to the late 17th century in and around St Ives (no, chavsters, I’m not posh, it’s just that someone has researched it and put it on the net), maybe it’s that things were always like this and I never noticed….

NAAH **** it.

The truth is that the whole of frigging Cornwall has become chavved up something chronic. Everywhere you go, lardy white bellies (shortly to become the colour of lobsters because the silly little twats never learn do they?), acne, fast food, Croydon facelifts and all the paraphernalia of chavdom largin’ it up on holiday like.

To be fair, there is no shortage of domestic p*keys in Cornwall, as the following will show.

I just had a week-long holiday in Looe and really enjoyed it. Only trouble is what should be a genteel, mid-market resort for families has been taken over by teenage prats, both local and tourist, so forget sleep if you have a room by the main street.

Choice incident: in broad daylight in mid-afternoon in front of hordes of visitors, just outside Boot’s on the main drag, about six ****** teenagers and others, stripped to the waist with limbs like pipe cleaners flailing about pile into one other teenager screaming abuse, kicking, punching etc.

So far, so normal, but get this – a screaming harridan comes out of Boots to urge them on, IN HER BOOTS UNIFORM, another skinhead is giving a running commentary on his mobile and/or videoing it. One kicking later, Mum goes back to the till at Boots and chief thug spits “You messed with the wrong family” to shaken victim and they all pile into their enormous great Chelsea tractor and drive off (it was a Renault Espace, reg ??????? [no you don’t -admin] in case any of the Old Bill give a s**t ha ha ha).

You have to wonder what this country is coming to you really do.

Update 2017:
Just a note about the previous author. Please disregard the comments made as the person hasn’t really put into context Cornwall as a whole. Yes the lobster people we have are the emmits who come down on holiday, the chaos tend to be the goons who have been moved from trouble areas up country and brought down here. Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places in the world, (I’ve travelled a lot) with hard working, honest folk who don’t ***** foot around or tolerate stupidity. North Cornwall is as cornish as a Ginsters pasty and down west is the true Kernow.

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