You haven’t yet read about a town so pathetic & ‘wannabe’ as Morley

Living in Morley, Leeds
Living in Morley, Leeds

I’m sure you’ve read about other towns being ******** with *****, I mean, why else would you be on this site? Anywho, I assure you that you haven’t yet read about a town so pathetic and ‘wannabe’ as Morley.

So where is Morley? Morley’s in Leeds. It’s quite a small place but is ******** with loads of ***** and thugs and whatnot. And to give ***** some fairness, these people in Morley are just ‘wannabe’. If you know what I mean.
I don’t actually live anywhere near Morley but I have contacts that do, and I’ve heard off of them how much of a sh*thole it is, so bare with me.

In my lifetime I’ve been through a hell of a lot, involving people who call themselves *****, so I know what it’s like when my friend who lives in Morley says it’s a **** town and deserves to be demolished.

How grim is your Postcode?

Why did she say this?

Because, well, let’s see : in Morley they usually walk around in big, huge gangs. They’re like those kids that if they’re with their friends, they’re untouchable and ‘well ard’ but when they’re own their own they’re as nice as nice can be, to anyone. They usually hang out at their local Asda or at one of their local Chippies, giving dirty looks at people who walk in to buy some fish and chips. The majority of them hardly do any work at all in school, which is either The Morley Academy or Bruntcliffe Academy (which ever one you pick they’ll allegedly have bad exam results because so many ***** go there).

The ***** in Morley are also hooked up on love. It’s like a fairytale there, my friend says. A couple break up and it’s like, “Come on babe I need you back..please don’t do this to me!”. the problem is, it’s ***** that are only about 13 or 14 years of age doing this. They think they’re acting like adults but they’re far from that!

Lose the sob stories

The amount of times my contacts in Morley have told me something ‘tragic’ is too many to count. Some of my contacts are *****, by the way, but I’m far from friends with them, I exploit them – take information from them so I can use it here. They make a big scene when their cat dies or something, even the lads!

Hmm. Oh yeah, and they talk big about getting drunk every night.
I used to talk to a person who goes to Bruntcliffe on Whatsapp a while ago, and he was effectively a ****.
&& He made up soooo many lies!
“The cops caught me with crack I’m going to jail”
Yeah, if you’re really going to jail, why are you on Whatsapp? You should be getting a lecture off your parents or better yet, you should be in jail now! God, not only are the ***** in Morley well, *****…they’re attention seekers, too. Desperate ones… really, really desperate ones.

So, like I’ve said, ***** of Morley:
If you want to act like an adult I suggest you do the following…

  • Lose the extra make-up
  • Lose the baggy tracksuits
  • Lose the chunky jewellery
  • Lose the phase of tucking your pants into your socks
  • Lose the crappy Trance music on your phone
  • Lose the sob stories
  • Lose the attention seeking
  • Lose the fairytale romances
  • Lose the bad grades at school

The only way you’re ever going to grow up is if you do all of the above. Otherwise, you’re stuck as a moronic, dumbass way all your life.
Still stuck in your teenage stages when you’re an OAP playing bingo. I can imagine that clearly.. a **** at 65 years old, frayed grey hair with a big giant bald spot, loads of wrinkles and moles, and the Fred Perry tracksuit and Nike trainers. What’s that you ***** say for something good? Oh yeah… Buzzin’! The Fieldhead estate is the home of ***** in Morley and home of Joe ***’s murderer, Thomas Mair. It’s right in the middle of Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield so everywhere you go there’s violence with the local gang Fra.

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